Emma Acomb


Emma Acomb is a current member of Level’s internship program, joining the team to continue her education as she pursues her Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture at the University of Cincinnati. Emma brings a knowledge of cutting-edge programs, methods, and software from her curriculum, as well as a team player dynamic that balances collaboration and effective communication.

Before joining Level, Emma has had several years of experience juggling workplace opportunities with her on-going education. Most recently, she was an intern with Wright Heerema Architects in Chicago, preceded by two years of internship at AOA, a themed entertainment company, where she was also subcontracted to Walt Disney Imagineering.

In addition to her studies in Architecture, Emma completed a marketing minor from Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati earlier this year. Emma enjoys hiking, cooking and taking writing classes at The Second City, as well as visits to the lakefront and Stan’s Donuts. She credits her interest in architecture to her father, also an architect, who instilled an appreciation for the discipline early on in her life.