The Henry: Under Construction...

April 2, 2019

Construction on Montrose began in January 2018 and it's finally complete. Follow along below to see the process. 

The construction type calls for a steel and concrete podium on the first floor, with cold-formed steel walls and floors on the remaining four levels.  For those upper levels, the contractor has decided to try a system called Wally Walls, where the walls are all constructed off-site in panels, packed and infilled with insulation, shipped to the site, and attached to the floors and neighboring panels.  Each level is constructed in sequence.  

All photos by Amelia Tabeling

01/2018 Excavation at the neighboring building reveals some graffiti.

02/2018 Here, all the curbs have been poured along the perimeter of the first floor.

03/2018 Scaffolding is up for the masons.

04/2018 Ready for concrete to be poured.

04/2018 Pouring and spreading the concrete on top of the metal deck and rebar at the second floor to create the composite slab.

06/2018 Floor joist installation.

06/2018 Architects and contractors can get along.

06/2018 Bracing the walls as the building is constructed.

07/2018 Mason at work.

07/2018 The north side of the building faces Montrose — the walls on three out of five floors are up!

07/2018 A view from the Montrose Brown Line train platform.

08/2018 Looking south at the future balconies.

09/2018  The fifth floor parapet walls are starting to be installed at the roof terrace. The exterior wall sheathing installation has also begun.  

11/2018  A lot of progress has been made on the exterior walls, with sheathing and weather barrier applied. The building is topped out!

11/2018 A view from the Montrose facing unit on the second floor.

12/2018  Masons are installing brick and there's some early progress on the back up rail system for the corrugated metal cladding.  

12/2018  Here, the corrugated metal cladding is going up on the west side of the building.

01/2019 A view from the Montrose Brown Line train platform. All of the exterior cladding is in progress on the east side of the building.  

01/2019 Drywall is going up inside.

02/2019 The masonry on the east wall is nearly complete — it needs a good cleaning and the cast stone sills to be installed.

02/2019 Kitchens and some light fixtures are being installed and the flooring is complete and protected.  

We're looking forward to finished photographs!