4540 N. Ravenswood Design Process

Feb 3, 2017

This past January we've been looking back at some of the design process for 4540 N. Ravenswood while we rework and continue to develop this residential project.  Check out some of our past and current design work below:

Michael's sketches - working through composition, proportion, massing, and materiality.

Employing a tried and true design tool: the physical model! Here's some progress on a new study model. 

The east elevation of our Ravenswood project faces the Metra train — we developed a layered system of perforated metal panels and opaque panels to screen the apartments.

An early study of a double height living area in one of the apartments.

We looked at lighting, both inside and out, in these night time renderings.

Polished night time renderings allowed us to investigate how the perforated screens shield views into the apartments.  

Reworking and refining the Ravenswood elevation using one of our favorite tools: the red pen. 

Above are some early studies of our Ravenswood project — we're looking at the scale of the building along the street and in between the CTA and Metra tracks.

A site and roof plan showing a roof decks and occupiable green roof on the garage.  This plan was part of a re-zoning submission to add more apartments.